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Deep, technical expertise.
Without the suit & tie.

Four Foundational Meetings

Goals & Concerns

We’ll do a deep dive into your current situation, goals, and concerns, so we can gauge where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll also discuss the role you want money to play in your life.

Foundational Work

We’ll get everything organized, so you have a comprehensive view of your money. We cover cash flow, savings, and account structure.

Explore Possibilities

How long until I’m financially independent? What happens if I change jobs? Can I afford to take a sabbatical? How much house can I afford?” We’ll scenario plan for big life decisions, so you walk away knowing what’s possible and prudent.

Investments & Equity

We’ll cover your investments, create a strategy for your company equity, discuss your risk tolerance, and provide detailed recommendations for any accounts that TechFP doesn’t manage like your 401(k).

Investment management and financial planning is ongoing

After the initial planning process is complete, you will transition into ongoing planning. As life throws you curveballs, we’ll make adjustments to make sure you stay on track. We’ll meet as often as necessary, with a typical cadence of meetings in the Spring and Fall to cover every aspect of your financial life. We’ll also communicate via email frequently to handle issues that don’t require a full meeting. Tech FP will do much of the ongoing planning and investment management behind the scenes as you live your life. I’ll reach out whenever something requires your attention. I ask that you also update me as your life changes, so that we can plan together appropriately.

Investing Strategies Designed With Tech Professionals in Mind

I believe in doing what works. Academic research shows that broadly diversified, low-cost, long-term portfolios tend to outperform stock-picking and frequent changes. We’ll design an evidence-based portfolio aligned with your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Because you work in tech, you may already be heavily invested in the tech sector through your company equity. Your portfolio is designed to account for that. We’ll begin with the end in mind because every investment should only be chosen to meet your goals.

No Sales. No commissions. No asset minimum.

Your fee is based on the dollar amount of assets managed by Tech FP.
The fee covers all financial planning and investment management.
Assets under Management
Annual Advisory Fee
$0 – $1,000,000
$1,000,001 – $3,000,000
$3,000,001 and Above

Minimum Annual Fee:

Couple: $6,000

Individual: $5,000

Example #1: You are a couple. Tech FP manages $200,000. 1% of $200,000 is $2,000.

Because $2,000 is less than the annual minimum, you instead pay the $6,000 annual minimum, which is $1,500 billed quarterly.

Example #2: You are single, and Tech FP manages $800,000. 1% of $800,000 is $8,000.

 Your annual fee is $8,000 which is $2,000 billed quarterly.

Your ideal life is within reach. Let’s make it happen.