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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe. And maybe not. You should like your financial planner and feel comfortable talking about personal matters. You should also trust their character and feel confident they are an expert on the issues you (a tech professional) face. I suggest interviewing several financial planners so you can be confident in your decision.
Ultimately that’s a decision for you to make. Studies show that a financial planner provides tangible value in investments, taxes, risk management, etc. There are also intangible benefits like confidence, clarity, and time savings. I only work with people if I think I can add significantly more value than the fee I’m charging.
Yes! Any time you feel the value you receive isn’t worth the fee we will amicably end the relationship. (no hard feelings!)
Yes! I am legally and ethically bound to do what’s in your best interest.
Tech professionals with significant equity compensation complexity: stock options, taxes, and highly concentrated positions.
If you’re looking for someone promising eye-popping investment returns, you should look elsewhere. I believe a disciplined and measured investment approach will serve you better than chasing unsustainable, high investment returns.
Yes! I’ve helped people just like you navigate non-qualified stock options and incentive stock options while minimizing taxes (including alternative minimum tax).